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Leather Monogramming Fonts and Emoji Information

Please ensure you have read the following information prior to placing your order.

We offer a variety of fonts for our monogram items:

When selecting a font we recommend that for full names you select the sans-serif font and for initials you can choose either sans-serif or serif font. We cannot guarantee the finish of the letters if you select serifs font for a full name.


Serifs are semi-structural details or small decorative flourishes on the ends of some of the strokes that make up letters and symbols. An example would be the Times New Roman font. This font can be stamped in Upper or Lower Case. Size 36pt


Sans serif does not have these details or flourishes. An example would be the Arial font. We can stamp this font in Upper Case only. It is available in two sizes: small - 24pt or large - 60pt. If you choose the large size font and your name does not fit we will have to change it to the smaller style. Please email if you would like to confirm first and you can change your name to initials or a shorter name so that it fits. 

SMALL (Size 24pt):

LARGE (Size 60pt):


Brush Script Font:

Hand written brush script style in both 30pt and 60pt.

60pt Brush Script:

30pt Brush Script:

EMOJI OPTIONS: 36pt Size Only

Please ensure you type the initials or name exactly as you want them to appear on your monogrammed item as we cannot offer refunds on these personalised items. Unfortunately we cannot offer accents on letters.

Keyrings and Poms will always be stamped in the middle of the disc and always in the Serifs font in uppercase unless you email to specifically change this.

Keyring Font

Christmas Decorations and Children's Bag Tag:

If you would like a full name stamped on our Stella Star Decoration or Children's Bag Tag please select the sans serif font. If you are after initials (maximum of three) we recommend the serifs or sans font.



We cannot add accents or symbols above letters. If you are wanting more than one name on a phone case please be advised that there will be a fee of $10 per additional name.


Refers to the foil colour used to stamp the initials/name onto the leather. Foil colours can be found in the drop down menu.

Foil Colours include; gold, rose gold, silver, black, white, pink, red.


Unfortunately monograms do fade over time due to natural wear and tear. We offer a 3 month warranty on foil stamping if your initials or name is rubbing off. If your order was placed outside of this time frame unfortunately we cannot replace free of charge for you. The warranty also does not apply to items purchased in the warehouse sale. 


All natural leathers, delicate materials and metallic hardware are sensitive to humidity and direct sunlight. If your keyrings and other leather goods come into contact with rain or water, dry it as soon as possible with a soft dry cloth, since its' natural hide has not been treated against water.

We recommend you waterproof your leather items or spray with a leather sealant. Avoid all contact with oily, alcohol based or abrasive substances, which may cause irreversible damage to your leather goods.


If you have any other questions please email us at or use the 'Cart Notes' to add any other information. 

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